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Do We Really Need A New Football Stadium?

Donn Esmonde from the Buffalo News made some interesting points against building a new football stadium in a recent article.

I agree with Esmonde’s take on this issue. If a new stadium is desired by a new owner then the owner and not taxpayers should pay for the stadium. While there are many Bill’s fans who believe in keeping the team in Buffalo at any cost, there is also growing sentiment that taxpayers should not have to carry this load.

A new stadium is estimated to cost $800 million dollars. The Buffalo Fan Alliance, a group trying to keep the team in Buffalo, has compiled figures of the 18 newest NFL stadiums showing that the public funded an average of 55 percent of the total costs.

In a February Buffalo News article Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz said he has been surprised by the public’s apparent unwillingness to pay higher taxes in order to keep the Bills here.

“Almost everyone I talk to [says], ‘I want the Bills to stay here, but I’m not willing to basically bankrupt the community to do it,’ ” said Poloncarz

Even Governor Cuomo who not long ago stated that he was in support of a new stadium if necessary now says that he is “not convinced” a new stadium is needed.

Perhaps taxpayer voices are starting to be heard.